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About Us

Fantasy Coin, LLC

[email protected]
3102 Austin Ct
Virginia, USA

About Us

Fantasy Coin, LLC designs and creates fantasy currencies for use in fictional worlds. Whether based on popular MMO's and movies or 100% original, our coins and printable notes undergo months of research and development to provide an authentic look, weight and sound to reproduce the genuine 'feel' of a fantasy currency.

When it come to coinage, gamers have until now been forced to improvise, either by using real money or by painting plastic chips etc. No more! Our high quality currencies provide the perfect, detailed enhancement for any fantasy community or role-play scenario.

We understand how important the lore and/or storyline is to gamers, and our products are designed to reflect and respect that fact. With no fantasy realm too big or too small, our fantasy currencies are a no-compromise addition to any gaming experience!

Mission Statement

Fantasy Coin LLC promises to provide affordable, high level 'true-to-game' fantasy currencies whilst maintaining the best possible quality standards.

Core Values

1.         Provide a genuine 'true-to-game' experience.

2.         An uncompromising commitment to quality.

3.         Add value to our brands.

4.         Exceed all expectations, those of our customers, and our own.

5.         Maintain an accurate delivery time line.

6.         To learn and grow.

7.         Leave no question unanswered.

Finally, a word from our CEO.

As a huge gamer, I have often wished I could bring a piece of my favorite fantasy experience back from the digital environment and into the real world. And what could be better than a pile of gold coins? We at Fantasy Coin, LLC are deeply involved in the gaming community and we are dedicated to providing the best service at the lowest possible price. Our coins and notes are high quality, durable and affordable. Digital characters can be deleted or forgotten, but now gamers can have something to show for all the time they've invested, and a reminder of the fun they had, and the friendships they made.

Always dedicated to...

"Bringing Your Fantasy To Reality"

Tim West

Small Silver Dwarven Metal Bars Small Silver Dwarven Metal Bars
more details
Large Platinum Dwarven Metal Bar
"10 Pack" Greek Silver Coin Set
10+ at $9.99 each

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